VoIP Services


We offer DID services for calling card companies as well as for IP phone service providers. We have USA area codes available. Rates are as low as $0.50 for DID and $1 per DID channel.

  • You must buy atleast one DID and one DID Channel to use the service.
  • DID numbers are used by calling card companies and IP Phone users.
  • Calling card companies can use DID number for customers to call in for the calling card services.
  • IP Phone users can use it to get incoming calls on their IP Phone, no other devices or services needed to receive calls.
  • No minimum order quantity, no setup fee, no commitments and no contract with unlimited minutes. Absolutely no per minute fee.
  • No minimum order quality means, you can just order one DID with one channel which has unlimited minutes for just $1.50 per month.